YouTube for eHealth related content?

Last week was quite different for me. I wrote on friday about the virtual conference in Second Life; Later that evening and on into saturday, I lurked (a lot) and contributed (a little) to the backchannel/IRC at the bloggercon event in San Fransciso . If you have never experienced this type of interaction and debate it is quite something.


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Healthcare IT Conferences – visions of the future

Me at Supernova 2006
In the interests of research, and ensuring that I didn’t get to bed
until 3.30am this morning – I went along to the Connected Innovators
Showcase, held as part of Supernova 2006 inside Second Life.

What’s this got to do with Healthcare IT? Probably not a lot at this
point, but it was certainly an early view of what we can expect to see
more and more of in the future.

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eHealth conference on my (holiday) doorstep

pciture of sardines

I’ve just spent a short family holiday in Spain, where a lot of these little guys were consumed; They really like their seafood in Andalucia.

After only catching up over the last few days on the blogging world, I see via John Collins that eHealth 2006 was just 30 minutes away in Malaga. I am annoyed at myself for missing this one, as it sounded like a good conference. John follows up with his report in the Health supplement of the Irish Times today.

One of the key points which seems to have been reiterated by many attendees was the way in which technology must be an enabler for staff as part of their normal, working day. This is the bottom line and absolutely crucial for frontliners, where the patient is and always should be the focus.

HIMSS06 Blogger Meetup

Shahid Shah says that the inaugural meetup of Health Bloggers was a smashing success at HIMSS in San Diego. Sounds like there was good representation from lots of others attending the conference.

I hope that those in attendance will have the opportunity over the next day or so to report back to those who were unable to attend – I know that podcasting was initially mentioned back in January by Neil.

Either way, how about a "HIMSS06" tag for any posts or media on Flickr, technorati and ?

For bloggers in Europe, I mentioned previously the possibility of a meet up in Harrowgate in March – any takers?

Update: HIMSS as opposed to HIMMS – caught and replaced.

Healthcare blogging community

Steve Rubel over at Micro Persuasion talks in this post about the fact that the majority of top postings  to blogs relate to technology and political issues.  This skew has not been lost on myself over the last day or so while I complete an article on blogging for a healthcare publication; conveying the benefit of any new  technology or method of communication and interaction is not always easy when the audience cannot put their finger on the examples from their own industry or sector.

I think this is particularly the case of healthcare, which Steve mentions as one which is difficult to find in terms of blogging active communities – i couldn’t agree more.

Some steps are being taken to remedy this – HITSphere being one of them – a site where healthcare  IT bloggers can register and be listed on – you will find the Health Tech Blog there.

On the social side, a blogger dinner is being planned for HIMSS 06 in San Diego – you can register your interest here. There is also the possiblity (if there is sufficient interest) for a blogger meet-up at the annual Healthcare Informatics Conference in Harrowgate,UK for european health bloggers. Send me an email or leave a comment if you are interested in this.