Allscripts attempts at doing Viral Video

I don’t normally respond to the many requests from PR companies that come to me looking for coverage on this blog.

In my experience, they still have a lot to learn when engaging with bloggers in general – I agree with most of Damiens bullet points on pimping stuff.

So this Youtube short from AllScripts breaks the mold just a little bit. As someone who has professionally created this type of material – my comments relate to the medium rather than the message.

  • an intriguing opening, a flaccid middle part and a strong ending.
  • at just over 5 minutes it’s too long; between 2-3 minutes would have been much better, particularly with the strong messages at either end.
  • with reference to the middle bits that flagged, the imagery was just overused; yes, i did like that that zooming in on the screencast, but half the time spent would have been enough. likewise with the medical records library shots.
  • I didn’t see any "patients" – and maybe that’s the difference between the Irish Health System and the US Model; all of those empty clinic seats freaked me out a bit!

Overall though – nice try.

Cult of the Amateur and Medicine…oops.

I can almost hear the howls of protest as the Irish Blogging community, if they did by chance hear the interview this morning with Andrew Keen, author of Cult of the Amateur; maybe not as loud as the howls from the Irish Medical community however. A medical student texting in to the programme claimed that over half of their class used Wikipedia as medical reference.

I’m really surprised that Ryan Turbridy would find this interesting – after all, he is a noted blogging and technology fan …8)


ATM access to Health Records

Last Week, I took a couple of photographs of the good and bad of ATM user interface design.

First, the bad – from the local Spar shop. I choose to withdraw €30 and got this response.

Poor design in action here. A few days later, at an Ulster Bank ATM, a more intuitive approach. After inserting the bank card (below), you are informed what notes are available.

Then I wondered – Ok, apart from the User Interface design issue – what’s the connection here? This morning, I came across an old post from Hans Oh discussing the Canadian Health System, and a quote from a tired sounding CIO on the difficulties associated with developing a regional or national EHR (electronic health record).

"You can’t walk up to the health ATM, stick your tongue in it and get a
health check. The ATMs have been pretty successful at showing how
somebody can get their balance anywhere in the world and draw money.
Health doesn’t work as simply as that."

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Google Search and Healthcare IT Blogs

Yesterday, Google launched a refinement of their search engine – Google Co-op – that enables searches to be curtailed to specific websites. I’ve created a simple search engine for Healthcare IT Blogs – in time, will probably add this on a side-bar.

For the moment, I have added the following Healthcare IT Blogs, and for good measure the NHS Blog Doctor.

Medical Connecivity Consulting
Health 2.0
GNU/Linux And Open Source Medical Software News
Family Medicine Notes
The Candid CIO
Australian Health Information Technology
The Health Tech Blog



The home page for the custom search engine is here – feel free to add your own Healthcare IT Blog to the sites that are already there – you will need to create a google account to do this.

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Typepad security issue with coComment?

On monday evening by accident, I found that I was incorrectly using my technorati tags (since july). I was not comma delimiting. Fair enough, made some changes to recent posts and waited for updates to filter through to technorati, etc..

However, the last few days have been frustrating. Tagging still does not appear to be working – I have been contact with Typepad, Technorati & Feedburner support – but it still is not resolved. For those subscribed through a feed reader – apologies for the updates over the last 24 hours.

The exercise has uncovered a rather curious effect between Typepad and coComment. The latter is a tool for consolidating comments that one makes across blogs. On creating an account and installing the firefox extension, you decide to add a "watch" to a comments page, and updates are signalled through a little red envelope on the bottom right of the browser. that’s fine – it’s a very neat tool.

On discovering my typepad tagging problem, I opened a ticket through my online account explaining my situation. I did know at the time, that the coComment script had wrapped itself around the form, whose url is

but thought nothing of it – session managment, etc.

Next day, I noticed that coComment had indeed snagged my ticket, but in the process had also snagged tickets from 10 other typepad users, dating back to september. I’ve also discovered that I know have coComment "neighbours" – which is fine If I were commenting on a publicly available blog. I don’t believe it is correct in this situation however. For example, one ticket mentioned an issue with billing details – this could have been more sensitive.

I’m going to contact both SixApart and coComment about this issue – has anybody else out there also come across this ?

Update : Having had a further look at this, and the privacy setting for coComment, you can hide "Conversations" from other users; it’s these conversations threads (generated as typepad tickets) that I can apparently see from other Typepad/coComment users.

Update : response from the coComment team on this issue

….a faulty regression caused this problem (and others) to reappear —
should be fixed now…

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HIMSS06 Blogger Meetup

Shahid Shah says that the inaugural meetup of Health Bloggers was a smashing success at HIMSS in San Diego. Sounds like there was good representation from lots of others attending the conference.

I hope that those in attendance will have the opportunity over the next day or so to report back to those who were unable to attend – I know that podcasting was initially mentioned back in January by Neil.

Either way, how about a "HIMSS06" tag for any posts or media on Flickr, technorati and ?

For bloggers in Europe, I mentioned previously the possibility of a meet up in Harrowgate in March – any takers?

Update: HIMSS as opposed to HIMMS – caught and replaced.