Allscripts attempts at doing Viral Video


I don’t normally respond to the many requests from PR companies that come to me looking for coverage on this blog.

In my experience, they still have a lot to learn when engaging with bloggers in general – I agree with most of Damiens bullet points on pimping stuff.

So this Youtube short from AllScripts breaks the mold just a little bit. As someone who has professionally created this type of material – my comments relate to the medium rather than the message.

  • an intriguing opening, a flaccid middle part and a strong ending.
  • at just over 5 minutes it’s too long; between 2-3 minutes would have been much better, particularly with the strong messages at either end.
  • with reference to the middle bits that flagged, the imagery was just overused; yes, i did like that that zooming in on the screencast, but half the time spent would have been enough. likewise with the medical records library shots.
  • I didn’t see any "patients" – and maybe that’s the difference between the Irish Health System and the US Model; all of those empty clinic seats freaked me out a bit!

Overall though – nice try.


4 thoughts on “Allscripts attempts at doing Viral Video

  1. I saw this too. I appreciate your analysis how well the message does at marketing. My bigger concern was the content. It over-simplifies the problem. Simply using a computer instead of paper will not solve these problems. The systems have to work well. They have to take something that is unbelievably complex and make it intuitive, quick and fool-proof. The problem is, most automated solutions aren’t better than the paper systems they replace. Certainly not to the degree that they justify the cost to implement them.

    Let’s stop over-simplifying healthcare IT challenge. It is NOT as simple as just getting rid of the paper.

  2. Hi Will,

    Who are the people Allscripts are aiming at then with this type of content?

    Taking your initial point of over-simplification; in my mind, that means it’s being packaged for green field sites, that might lack the need for pragmatism and eyes wide open attitude that your comments suggest is needed?


  3. Thanks for the link. Great video and well done. I agree completely that it’s much too long. I’m also disappointed that the link at the end isn’t really a discussion of the problem, but just their video again with a few comments.

    Still glad that they’re doing this work.

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