Mobile Phones in Hospitals – the one metre rule


Science Daily report that cell phones should be kept at least 1 metre distant from hospital beds and equipment :

Dr Erik van Lieshout, lead researcher from the Academic Medical
Center, University of Amsterdam, said; "Our work has real implications
for present hospital restrictions of mobile phone use in patient

"It is unlikely that mobile phone induced EMI in
hospitals will be eradicated in the near future so the one meter rule
currently in place should continue, as it is relatively safe,"
commented Dr van Lieshout.


One thought on “Mobile Phones in Hospitals – the one metre rule

  1. This study contradicts a study released earlier this year buy the Mayo Clinic. They preformed over 300 tests in a 5 month period and found no noticeable interference with important hospital equipment due to regular cell phone use.

    In the study you talked about, “The University of Amsterdam researchers recorded nearly 50 incidents of electromagnetic interference from cell phone use in hospitals and classified 75 percent of them as significant or hazardous.”

    I wonder what caused such a drastically different outcome?

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