Critical condition for Irish healthcare?


This was the title of a recent piece from talking about current technology and IT usage in the Irish Healthcare system. It notes that during the recent General Election in this country, there were occasional thinly veiled references to "value for money" from public sector projects.

Whatever you can say about the opposition parties during the campaign, I wouldn’t agree that their references to these projects, and specifically PPARS, were thinly veiled – quite the opposite actually in that they were gunning for it for a long time before and during the campaign.

As the writer correctly highlights though – elections are all about simple messages; in this case more beds, more frontline staff…and feck the technology.

The mantra for IT in healthcare has not changed, and it is very simple – it "is a drive to remove or reduce paper from the workings of healthcare."

Unfortunately, this would have been the mantra from the business community 10+ years ago. They have since moved on to improving/redesigning processes and creating new business opportunities.

Health has a lot of catching up to do.

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2 thoughts on “Critical condition for Irish healthcare?

  1. “Health has a lot of catching up to do”

    I think various health organisations are on the learning curve when it comes to IT systems.

    You wouldn’t let just anybody in off the street to be a doctor or radiographer, yet they will let people with no experience specifiy and manage IT projects.

    That will change. But there will be a lot of more expensive mistakes along the way


  2. Paul,

    i don’t agree with you on on the “people with no experience” bit.

    i’ve worked with a lot of people in the Health Service who have lots of experience of managing and implementing successful projects – whether they have been fulfilled interally, or with the support of external contractors.


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