Cult of the Amateur and Medicine…oops.


I can almost hear the howls of protest as the Irish Blogging community, if they did by chance hear the interview this morning with Andrew Keen, author of Cult of the Amateur; maybe not as loud as the howls from the Irish Medical community however. A medical student texting in to the programme claimed that over half of their class used Wikipedia as medical reference.

I’m really surprised that Ryan Turbridy would find this interesting – after all, he is a noted blogging and technology fan …8)



2 thoughts on “Cult of the Amateur and Medicine…oops.

  1. It’s not that the Wikipedia trend is alarming (the site is an outstanding place to begin a research journey) … it’s that students, the general public (even myself on occasion) are increasingly lazy when it comes to researching a subject. We want to find that “one” definitive source of information.

    Our pursuit of convenience misses the real objective of research … collect a bunch of information from diverse sources and draw a conclusion based upon the totality of evidence.

    With rare exception, you’ll never find the entire story from one source. That’s what makes research so interesting, I think.

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