Medical tourism matchmaking site launches


New Irish web startup describe themselves as a matchmaking site for those interested in having medical procedures in other countries. Users sign up to the website and enter details of the procedure they want to have carried out and the country to which they wish to travel to.

The site then matches the prospective patient with a suitable clinic in their country of choice. Clever. Funding comes from the backers of Newbay, Propylon and Hostelworld.

The last one there is interesting – a straightforward business opportunity or a complement to core business?

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6 thoughts on “Medical tourism matchmaking site launches

  1. While hundreds of health travel agents now operate in dozens of countries, it’s rare to see an agency, such as RevaHealthNetworks, backed by solid expertise and financing. Our research on the just-released “Patients Beyond Borders: Everybody’s Guide to Affordable, World-Class Medical Tourism” did not turn them up.

    As the international medical travel sector matures, we expect to see a steep rise in the number of specialty health travel facilitators. The Web will be a key force, and it’s refreshing to see solid technical expertise behind the Reva management team.

  2. This is quite an interesting initiative yet I really have a problem with this match making process. In fact, it consists in reducing medical tourism as a mere problem solving dilemma with for each individual a pricing inequation to solve.

    However, medical tourism is also about providing innovative solutions (on line health management, PRM etc etc) plus real differentiation factors stemming from the tourism side as well as from the technoplogy side. The evaluation of service is difficult to consider through a match making interfae. When looking at performing players on the on line medical tourism industry we can see that tele consultation is paramount to the decision by a potential customer to entrust a medical tourism agency (and indirectly an hospital).

    People need to be more implicated to take steps regarding this tacky issue. People need to see and understand more than solving problems where assumptions are blur.

  3. “a straightforward business opportunity or a complement to core business?”

    It seems to me that it might work either way or better yet as both. I mean, the Net makes disassociating “service” from “presentation thereof” a relatively simple to try on.

  4. Where I was coming from on the ‘complement to core business’ was actually aimed at the hostelworld guys – accomodation is their business…

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