Lazy passwords and MySpace


A post from the Guardian Technology Blog last week on a breakdown by Bruce Schneier of "typical" MySpace passwords. Typical here is in the context of the 34,000 accounts that were phished from the social networking site – but are these representative ?

From the analysis

The top 20 passwords are (in order):
password1, abc123, myspace1, password, blink182, qwerty1, fuckyou,
123abc, baseball1, football1, 123456, soccer, monkey1, liverpool1,
princess1, jordan23, slipknot1, superman1, iloveyou1 and monkey.

Amazing –  password has been overtaken by password1. Looking at the examples, at least some comfort might be taken from the fact that the most basic alphanumeric combinations are seeping through…

Update : regarding my naive final comment – MySpace requires a password at least 6 characters long, including a number/punctuation.

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