Integrating Social Bookmarks as Blog Posts


A lot of bloggers use the links saved on their social bookmarking tool
of choice as proxy blog posts when they are too busy/too indifferent to write themselves.

This blogger is probably somewhere in the middle of those two
extremes. The bottom line though, is that I come across links on a
daily basis that are of interest to the readers of this blog and don’t
necessarily require any added commentary.

With this in mind, I’ve started to re-use my account
with the view to using the Daily Blog Posting Feature. Of course,
quickly came to a problem. Using this feature infers that all links
collated in a day will be uploaded to the specified blog site. For the
narrow focus here, that would mean  many of the links that I harvest
might not just be relevant or of interest.

I would prefer just to make readers aware of all my healthcare tech
links but not others under a general technical or software development
tag structure.

I emailed the good Yahoo people to clarify I was not doing anything
stupid. It seems not – under the Daily Blog Setting of – it
would seem easy to add another element to the api – either a bundled
tag heading or a number of individual tags; Only these tags would be
uploaded as bookmarked links to your blog. The response from Yahoo
support  leads me to believe they are looking at this –

"Some people choose to have a second account for their post-to-blog items in order to do this, which may work for you. It is more inconvenient, though, so we’re working on adding the ability to do this to the built-in blog posting feature."

the moment then, I’m marking practically all of my bookmarks as
private. Creating another account did cross my mind – but I quickly
shook myself – life is just too short…

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2 thoughts on “Integrating Social Bookmarks as Blog Posts

  1. I’d be careful doing the ‘daily link post thing’, for a slightly different reason – if you’re not careful you could end up lowering the tone of the blog (good quality articles) , with loads of thrown on links.

    I used to do this, but now the compromise is to use a feature on feedburner that mixes in the links: The blog remains clean , but you still have access to the links via the rss feed.

  2. I agree. Quite a number of “bloggers” are happy to be filters, and use links as main output. nasty.

    My preference would be to aggregate the links into a fairly decent batch, with comment and description – and post them that way.

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