Ireland ranked 11th in World Happiness League Table


A study from the University of Leicester points out that Ireland is ranked 11th in the World Happiness League table.

According to Psychologist Adrian White

Participants in the various studies were asked questions related to
happiness and satisfaction with life. The Leicester study also looked
at health, wealth and access to education.

This makes a refreshing change from the list of studies and research normally associated with the celtic tiger – Economic growth, Property prices, Standards of Living, etc, etc.

The Top 10

1 – Denmark
2 – Switzerland
3 – Austria
4 – Iceland
5 – The Bahamas
6 – Finland
7 – Sweden
8 – Bhutan
9 – Brunei
10 – Canada

11 – Ireland, 41 – UK, 43 – US, 50 – Italy, 62 – France. From what I can see, Iraq has no score – this is pretty symbolic. The Study is here.

Thanks to David More on his Australian Heath Information Technology Blog for this one – I like his writing style, you really feel that after reading one of his posts that you have learned something. The  fact that the healthcare systems in Australia/New Zealand are pretty comparable with Western/Northern Europe also helps.

The rest of his post mentions statistics from the Danish Healthcare system and the success that they have enjoyed over the past 15 years or so in using EDI for distributing electronic results, reports, referrals, etc to the General Practitioner community.



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