iPods, Podcasting and service creativity for patients


Thoughts on the uses of podcasting in healthcare are beginning to trickle in from various sources. At the moment, most are for education – both for the patient and the practitioner.

Browsing Hans Oh’s Blog, I came across this post which balances the notion that while iPods and similar devices + user generated content (podcasts) is becoming fantastically popular the simple fact is that the vast majority are simply still unaware. Hans comments :

I really really question the notion that *everyone* is hip to this idea.
I can’t seem to find the article, but I recall reading about only a
portion of society even being aware of the term "podcast".

As regards the education aspects, Tech ‘n’ Health have a article coming from the health promotion/public health side of things. For example, Sally comments

In terms of chronic disease, providing cancer patients with access to
interviews, group session discussions or the process for various forms
of treatments can do a great deal to empower patients. It would also
make them feel that they have as much information and support possible
to help them through the process.

It’s interesting to see that the iPod/podcasting phenomenon has kickstarted a lot of thought in the whole area of patient education – which is low cost and home grown and not dependent on Patient Entertainment System platforms or Digital TV.

Like the  Welsh GP Surgery offering Video Podcasts (vlogs) instructing patients in effective use of an inhaler – I hope that these ideas and initiatives are not bound by the artificial constraint of the player itself. The vast, vast majority of the population will still not own a €350 device such as an iPod; however, a greater majority of us will have a computer with a broadband connection.


3 thoughts on “iPods, Podcasting and service creativity for patients

  1. You hit the nail on the end towards the end. Lots of folks have access to broadband (not iPods) and the low cost of entry allows for *anyone* to make this stuff up-

    Just check out some of the healthcare stuff on youtube.com Search for “diabetes” or “cancer”.

  2. Hey Kevin, Interesting piece. I work on the Vhi.ie website and we launched a health podcast during the summer. It is starting to take off but one of the barriers to people using it is the word ‘podcast’ itself. This immediately conjures up the thoughts of having to have an ipod and then subscribing via rss or itunes etc. It just all sounds complicated. You make a good point that we should focus less on the technology (and the jargon) and on what people are going to get out of it. Regards.

  3. Brendan,

    Some in Microsoft circles refer to them as “audiocasts”; now this could be because they believe that it is truly a better description (though both terms actually need to be described) or a case of like actors, only ever referring to the “the scottish play”.

    the fact is, possibly anything “pod” related may be excluding many would be listeners, particularly in the context of this post…

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