Healthcare in Ireland needs more positive IT Stories


According to e-Health Insider, St James Hospital in Dublin have rolled out an integrated OCRR, PACs and RIS sytem.

So it certainly looks like this Dublin Voluntary Hospital will not be going down the iSoft route. Project Leader Dr Neil O’Hare is quoted in the article :

“While other systems have some of its component parts, the Cerner
system is certainly the most integrated and would represent the biggest
step forward in Ireland to unite all these different systems. The
primary focus for the EPR system is two fold – the improvement of
patient care and the reduction of risk factors associated with that
care. It is the first phase in the move towards a full electronic
patient record.”

It’s great to see a positive news story come out of Ireland in the Healthcare IT space. I believe that the  amount of negativity that grown around PPARS has been detrimental to other innovative developments. Tied in to this, is the inertia resulting from the organisational changes within the Health Service Executive, and specifically its’ vision for IT.

I hope to write a separate post on this issue over the next few weeks, but If I were the press departments of the HSE, voluntary hospitals or other healthcare insitutions – it would be to focus on the benefits and vision of these innovations, that in some way gives a more balanced reportage of the one-way negative traffic it has been up to now…


2 thoughts on “Healthcare in Ireland needs more positive IT Stories

  1. Was it developed in house, and how did this come about without the foresight of Isoft fiasco.

  2. The system was developed by Cerner. My understanding is that the DATHS (Dublin Area Teaching Hospitals) – James, Vincents, Tallaght,the Mater and Beaumont – are outside of the iSoft initiative. Traditionally the group have furrowed their own plot.

    Regarding iSoft – fiasco is a bit strong, but no doubt there is more to follow, depending on whether they survive and whom they are purchased by, as well as the promised functionality of the contract.

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