Patients, not the state, own medical records, says GP


This is the title of a piece today on The Guardian Technology section

According to the piece

"The NHS is preparing a national information campaign to inform patients
about shared records. One way to build confidence would be to emphasise
that patients own their data and have a right to view it and correct
it, as well as decide who should see it.

By all accounts, the days of "implied consent" are long gone.


One thought on “Patients, not the state, own medical records, says GP

  1. Hi Kevin

    As I can see all my financial information ‘online’ in my bank account why should I not expect to be able to see all my medical records?

    I am an advocate of patients having total control of their records. I remember many years ago when health visitors started the idea parent held records (paper of course). After twelve months an audit showed less records were ‘lost’ by patients (i.e. concerned mothers) versus the number lost by professionals. It may not be scientific but it proves a lot to me,

    I look forward to the day when I can see all my medical records online.

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