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Pebbleroad recently posted a case study about the Singapore branch of the British council implementing a intranet based wiki. Longish  article, but there are some gems.

The thing I particularly liked about this article were the instantly recognisable bits of office administration that drives people to tears; but also the overt recognition and acknowledgment by the project champion that the technology itself is not just the answer but

"…it wouldn’t have taken off if it were not for the ‘culture of
negotiation’ that already existed within the organization. It is in
this culture of negotiation that people are aware that they don’t know
everything; that others know different things; and through dialogue and
negotiation, they can together create better things.

The conclusions also sum this up specifically, by stating that all of the following must exist for success.

  • The right culture. The talking, negotiating type.
  • A practical, compelling reason to collaborate, to share (it helps if they are a number of practical, compelling reasons).
  • A champion who can show the way.

Well worth a read.


2 thoughts on “Intranet Wiki Case Study

  1. Using Wikis on the Intranet: A Case Study

    Recently, a user asked for some recommendations for an intranet wiki for a small nursing department.

    We were able to recommend checking out WikiMatrix, which allows you to compare feature sets between some of the most common wiki software packages.

  2. Kevin,

    Thanks for the tip on that article over @ pebbleRoad! We’re linking to you on our site.

    For those of you that are looking into wikis, you might want to have a look at – WikiMatrix allows you to compare feature sets between many common wiki software packages.

    Best regards,


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