Show notes for Windows Vista and Healthcare webcast


I’ve just watched the Windows Vista in Healthcare webcast  and attached some show notes below. For those who do not want to go through the pain of downloading, or even watching some screencasts – its a useful, if short overview.


Bill Crounse (the original post on the event here) and Roberto Ruggieri led the session – broad topics included
security/reliability, user interface and mobile device support.


00:00 – Introductions
01:35 – Bill Crounse intro

02:55 – Optimising the Desktop 
03:15 – is that michael owen on the slide?
04:15 – Demo
Reliability monitor, firewall (rules setup), backup (11.50).

13:40 – Protecting patient data
15:32 – Demo
IE7 & phishing protection, protecting for usb devices  – timely given this report by Pointsec on the vulnerability of mobile data (20:10), protecting for spyware (23:30)

25:25 – Empowering professionals (UI,managing files, etc)
26:50 – demo
Vista UI, search (28.45),
38:15 – Mobile devices (laptops, pda)
39:15 – Demo
mobility center,meeting space/ad-hoc network (41:25)

43:44 Useful URL’s


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