eHealth conference on my (holiday) doorstep


pciture of sardines

I’ve just spent a short family holiday in Spain, where a lot of these little guys were consumed; They really like their seafood in Andalucia.

After only catching up over the last few days on the blogging world, I see via John Collins that eHealth 2006 was just 30 minutes away in Malaga. I am annoyed at myself for missing this one, as it sounded like a good conference. John follows up with his report in the Health supplement of the Irish Times today.

One of the key points which seems to have been reiterated by many attendees was the way in which technology must be an enabler for staff as part of their normal, working day. This is the bottom line and absolutely crucial for frontliners, where the patient is and always should be the focus.


One thought on “eHealth conference on my (holiday) doorstep

  1. It sounds like most the attendees must have been doctors and not tech people. While I agree that technology shouldn’t make it so that health workers have to completely change the way they treat patients, I think it is completely absurd the way some health providers aren’t willing to change any processes. Just because you’ve done something one way for a long time doesn’t mean that it can’t(and shouldn’t) be changed.

    Many healthcare providers I’ve known have been unwilling to change the way they practice in any way. The computer or technology should completely conform to the way they want to work and practice medicine. This is egotistical and wrong since this assumes that your way is the very best way and that their couldn’t possibly be something more efficient and better quality.

    I love this topic so much I think I’m going to have to do a full post on my EMR and HIPAA Blog.

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