The Health Tech Blog – name finally over the door


This is a job I have been meaning to do for weeks; Up to this point, I have just used the default typepad domain name of

Hopefully from tomorrow, The Health Tech blog ( should be domain mapped – up to know, it’s just been a straightforward forward; I’m going to leave that in place overnight, until I know that DNS has caught up.

update : forward removed – DNS update seem pretty instantaneous from GoDaddy. whaeeee.


2 thoughts on “The Health Tech Blog – name finally over the door

  1. It’s a bit of a mouthful – also, there are many other blogs out there currently with ‘Health’ and Tech/It in them – difficult to differentiate.

    having said that, you seem to have a clear focus both from the title you currently use, and the post subjects. I think your name though, should relate to one or the other. Hipaapossible (and it’s available) comes to mind for the HIPAA side of things 8)

    When it comes down to it – what is available via domain registration will make your mind up quickly….


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