Microsoft Ireland Chief appointed to HSE Board


The Health Service Executive (HSE) website  has a lot of information that one might sometimes overlook. For example, the Health Tech Blog has found over the past few months that the News Section of the site has kept well up to date with responding to sometimes unfavourable comment in the media.

Most interesting in the latest edition of the newsletter Health Matters (Winter 2005- page 20), is a small piece referring to the fact that Joe Macri, Managing Director of Microsoft Ireland has been appointed to the board of the HSE. The bio note of Macri in the piece notes his time with NatWest in the UK, and technology companies in Australia. He is chair of the Small Business Formum and a member of the Management Board of ICT Ireland and the National Executive Council of the Irish Business and Employers Confederation.

I don’t know when this appointment happened – there is no reference to it under the general news heading or under board membership.

Oh – and by the way – no, I didn’t have to go through each of the 15 separate PDF documents that constitue the newsletter online (infuriating) – I managed to pick up a good old fashioned paper edition instead.

Update : The Department of Health and Children (DOHC) has a press release on the appointment, dated 3rd November.


One thought on “Microsoft Ireland Chief appointed to HSE Board

  1. ‘Great’.

    Beaumont can now kiss their Linux/OSS deployment goodbye – which may be the high-profile target being aimed at.

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