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Ok, maybe the title of this post is slightly misleading, given that the post in question is almost eight months old.

At the Health Tech Blog, I tend to keep the focus on the technology impact and improvement within the healthcare sector. But one
cannot ignore the fact that Robert Scoble – Microsoft’s best known
blogger – is on a flying visit to Ireland this week. He is in the Rebel
county for the IT@Cork event on Wednesday 30th, organised by Tom Raftery. Focus swings to a developer conference in Dublin on Thursday the 1st; ha, does this tie in with Xbox launch as well??

So back to the relevant point. Robert had a number of posts that asked
some fundamental questions about healthcare, and how software technologies might
help. One of these posts was was entitled Hospital room shows lots of opportunities for software industry in future

It is great to have somebody with his profile actually talking
about the sector; the fact that it was observation from a waiting
room situation is important in my mind; these were improvements that
were noted "on the fly". No, not all of them are valid, but a lot make
sense, and tie in nicely with the Medical Informatics view of the world
– electronic patient/health records, single entry of information,
system integration, business improvement. The end result should be
improved patient care.
These observations are equally relevant in hospital settings in
Europe. Unfortunately, some of the hopes for the use of ICT in Irish
healthcare settings has taken a fair beating over the past 6 months. We
have had PPARS and all of the ensuing controversy, which is not yet
finished. Closer to the clinical setting – in the UK, there has been
ongoing debate (particularly from the medical community) on user
involvement, patient confidentiality and consent issues with regard to
NPfIT roll out.
These are high profile examples, which unfortunately do not serve
the sector well. However going back to the post, it is difficult to
envisage how some of examples cited cannot form part of a modern,
technically capable, healthcare system.


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  1. Hospital IT wannabe

    I think part of me really wants to be in IT. I’m fascinated by computer technology, and wish I had more of a role to play in getting computer technology to the bedside. I really think nurses could save a

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