MRSA and IT Projects : common themes


Two health related issues have gotten much attention in the Irish media of late; MRSA and overruns on IT projects. Within 24 hours of each other, we have a senior clinician in Wales, and the CIO of a Health Network in the US – both with similiar views, similiar resonance.

In this realaudio piece from RTE’s Five-Seven Live (28th November), Dr Ian Hoseim, Director of Infection Prevention & Control at Cardiff & Vale NHS Trust talks about the importance of involving senior management in the process.

He speaks of bringing "infection control into the heart of managment" and empowering those who have the infection control knowledge to quickly apply change in the ward environment.  For example, he surveyed staff on why they didn’t wash their hands; the most common answers were not "I don’t have time" but rather "I hate the hand-washing agent or the feel of the paper towels"; The 60% improvement in MRSA cases over 4 years  he directly relates to this and other initiatives which were effectively marketed to staff, with the buy-in and blessing of senior management.

Will Weider is CIO of Affinity Health System in Wisconsin. As the title of his blog might suggest, he is candid in his view that key to a successful IT project is an owner "outside of IT that has a stake in the long term success".

These are practical and sensible approaches that should become more prevalent in the months and years ahead.


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