30,000 feet WiFi + Telemedicine


Jane Creer from the Medical Informatics Insider comments on the use of wifi as an inflight service, and how it might improve telemedicine-like scenarios at 30k feet. I think it’s great that airlines are beginning to look at this as something that is basic kit for mobile office foot-soldiers. Thing is, I think a lot of airlines still have a problem providing power outlets!

Whatever about access at altitude, access at sea-level is another thing. While travelling for customer meetings (sometimes a 300 kilometre round trip for me), I will usually stop at those places offering free (with a cup of coffee) wifi; For a time, I used a Vodafone GPRS card – but coverage was spotty and very, very slow; so slow in fact, that often I would tell others in the office not to post large attachments on travelling days – how’s that for forward planning….


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