Radiologists using iPods for managing medical images


According to eWeek, an open source package called Osirix is gaining momentum as a practical way for radiologists to store and transfer medical images. It supports multiple imaging formats including DICOM.

According to the co-developer of the software –

.. "the motivation for OsiriX came from problems storing images at work. "I never have enough space on my disk, no matter how big my disk is—I always need more space," he said. "One day I realized, I have an iPod that has 40GB of storage on it. It’s twice as big as my disk on my laptop, and I’m using only 10 percent of it for my music. So why don’t I use it as a hard disk for storing medical images?"..

– so the fact that you’re not going to use your full 40gb for music is beginning to come through…


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